For Everyone in the School of Comprehensive Studies

In the School of Science and Engineering, we provide a schedule of required courses as guidelines for entering the six colleges. There are many overlapping points in the path to admission to the six colleges of the School of Science and Engineering, but there are also some differences.

Please take a balanced selection of courses by referring to this schedule, and reading the syllabus.

School of Science and Engineering, Standard (version as of December 3, 2020)

*Note (Updated on April 2, 2021)

  • Introduction to Mathematics is now offered in Spring BC (In the 2020/12/3 version, it was offered in Spring A, with 12 periods in a month)
  • Introduction to Mathematics (Spring AB), Invitation to Engineering Systems (Spring B) are offered on-demand with schedule to be negotiated (no designated period or day of the week).

●Introductory courses are subject to participation adjustment. Please check the capacity of each course using the Pre-Registration Guide at the following URL.