UKEGAWA Fumihiko, Dean

To make human society more sustainable, we will need to closely investigate nature through science, and contribute to society and the global environment through technology. This doesn’t mean that science, technology, and engineering can always be neatly classified into isolated disciplines. In many cases their relationships are extremely close. The University of Tsukuba’s School of Science and Engineering treats these subjects as a single continuous discipline, ranging from pursuit of natural science based on pure intellectual curiosity to engineering and technology for directly contributing to society and the environment. Here, students understand mathematics as the language of nature, physics as nature’s universal principles, and chemistry as interactions between substances. As applications of these fields, they learn engineering sciences for handling micro and nano materials, engineering systems for perfecting new ideas as technology, and policy and planning sciences as engineering directly related with society. They select one of these areas as a college, but can also take classes in other colleges.

Why not learn about science and technology with a broad perspective, from fundamentals to applications, at the School of Science and Engineering of the University of Tsukuba?