College of Engineering Sciences

Linking accomplishments of natural sciences with the development in society science at a microscopic level that supports cutting-edge technology

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New technologies that will support the society in the future have developed as foundations of understanding laws and principles of material science and natural phenomena. In the College of Engineering Sciences, students are able to learn everything from fundamentals to applications that support engineering in fields of materials, substances, device engineering, and measurements with the aim of passing on accomplishments in natural sciences to the society. This college comprises four majors: (1.) Applied Physics, which teaches students about applications of measuring techniques and principles of physics; (2.) Quantum and Electronic Engineering, which teaches students about electronics nanotechnologies for the future; (3.) Applied Condensed Matter Physics, which teaches students about new materials and methodologies for investigating functions of materials on both practical and theoretical levels; and (4.) Materials and Molecular Engineering, which teaches students about the composition and functions of materials from the perspective of molecules.